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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  February 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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but longer north and west of town. kind of concerned folks up in frederick and hagerstown and martinsburg may never make it above freezing tomorrow night. roads will be a mess essentially from noon to midnight. if you can stay off the roads in that time period, i would. a general 1 to 6 inches. that's a big range, but that's the situation we're looking at. the storm is already producing snow in middle tennessee and arc, and will pull off to the -- arkansas and will pull off to the west and the east. the snow track is well to the north and west of us, but we'll get several inch of snow before the changeover. we'll come back and talk more about the possibility of icing as well tomorrow night. let's do first things first, right? the record setting cold has caused problems all across the region. >> bruce leshan is live outside at dupont circle with more on that. how you staying warm, bruce? >> reporter: moving around a little bit, jumping up and down. i've got three coats on.
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i've got goretex pants, long johns and everything i own on i think. beside just making a lot of us miserable, this record setting cold has cracked rail lines, broken water mains and it's set some of to us arguing about how long it's been since it's been this freezing. this morning's record low 5 degrees at reagan national airport breaks the old record of 8 degrees set back when grover cleveland was president. >> show me the money. >> reporter: terry mcguire was in theaters in 1996 the last time we hit 5 degrees. >> people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook. well, i'm not a crook. >> reporter: and richard nixon was still in the white house the last time we broke a record low temperature in february. rails cracked by the cold left people jammed on the platform
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at falls church. a water leak at l'enfant shut down the power and may have contributed to the crush of passengers at judiciary square. a water main blocked traffic at new york avenue and north capitol and in cabin john fireplace ashes touched off a blaze that sent two people out in the cold. the muanis are visiting from puerto rico. >> it's frigid. >> you have to have made a lot of cents to live here. >> reporter: what's the temperature in puerto rico right now? >> 80 degrees. >> reporter: the frozen water has been an irresistible temptations to hockey players, although firefighters insist the water is never safe in our region on ponds and point to headlines of children killed to make that point. >> i love it, yes. >> reporter: lance johnson who lives under a tarp in the shadow of the world bank insists that he revels in the
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cold, but he's been collecting blankets, water and warm socks for other people who are living outside. >> this is what's left. i've been passing out left and right. they know to come, all the nomad, wanderers. >> reporter: johnson may think he's tough enough to survive outside, but any time it gets this cold hospitals see an uptick in people suffering from frostbite and hypothermia. this is dangerous cold. you need to cover up and try not to join the tv reporters and photographers who think somehow it's reasonable to stand out in this for hours. >> did he say three coats? >> everything he owns he says. >> just a reminder about the dangers of going out on the ice, we've had way too many people who have gotten hurt or died from falling through it. even skating between great
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falls and anglers and everywhere else it is at your own risk. former first lady maureen mcdonnell was sentenced to one year and one day. peggy fox spoke with both the former governor of virginia and his wife as they left federal court in richmond. what did they say? >> reporter: well, she didn't say much outside, but inside she spoke for the first time about the bribery scandal which led her to be a convicted felon through a steady stream of tears apologizing for making huge mistakes that ripped her marriage and family apart. just before receiving her sentence of one year and one day maureen mcdonnell gave an emotional apology in court. >> reporter: how do you feel getting that out and apologizing? >> reporter: she said she had no one to blame but herself and asked judge spencer to consider the punishment she's already received. "my marriage is broken. my family is hurting and my
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reputation is shattered." >> reporter: it was quite an emotional statement your wife made up there. did it touch you? >> very much, very much. she's a very good person and i think it was a very heartfelt statement. >> reporter: the former governor gave his wife a kiss on the cheek when she arrived and she kissed him back. she began her statement by thanking the judge for mercy in the two year sentence he gave her husband. >> i appreciate very much judge spencer's mercy and leniency for my wife as they granted to me a month ago. i've been a lawyer 25 years and sometimes juries get it wrong and i believe with all my heart that they got it wrong in this case. >> reporter: maureen mcdonnell used the judge's metaphor about jonnie williams, the wealthy businessman who bribed them. she says she was the one who allowed the serpent into mansion and that the venom from the snake poisoned her marriage, her family and the
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commonwealth. she said she'd give anything to turn back the clock. >> we are very happen that the judge gave her a sentence that is lower than what the government sought and what the sentencing guidelines would have provided for. >> reporter: are you proud of your mom? >> invest proud of my mom. >> reporter: mature -- very proud of my mom. >> reporter: maureen's attorney say they have a strong case for an appeal. judge spencer said he found this case puzzling because of the opposing images of maureen mcdonnell. he said he believed she's a good person and a wonderful mom but that there's also the other maureen who belittled and screamed at her staff and committed these crimes and for that he had to hold her accountable sentencing her to 12 months and one day. reporting live in richmond peggy fox, wusa9. >> you may remember it was the mcdonnell's executive chef who first brought all these corruption claims to light against virginia's former first
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couple. here is todd schneider's reaction to the mcdonnells' sentence. >> karma, karma comes to my mind. these people put me through a lot and destroyed my life and i feel karma and what comes around goes around came through for them and for me. >> schneider is writing a book about the deal. he believes the mcdonnells knew what they were doing. he says they were middle class people who saw shiny things and went after them. montgomery county police say they arrested a silver spring man for breaking into homes in the wheaton area and in one break-in say he sexually assaulted a young girl. debra alfarone is live off viers mill road in wheaton in the neighborhood where police say 21-year-old melvin callicks carried out his robbery spree. >> reporter: he actually lives in this neighborhood. so he robbed neighbors and in one case he sexually assaulted a young girl, but it was that
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crime that may have helped police finally catch him. police say 21-year-old melvin calicks actually helps cops catch him. >> he would enter homes through unlocked doors or windows and would do it when people were home. >> reporter: and he would do it in the middle of the night. at two homes he stopped at the refrigerator and one opening a can of mixed nuts and drinking orange juice, but when he stopped at one young girl's room for a late night break-in and she saw him and screamed, that's when he ran and left behind evidence that led police to get a search warrant, his nike sneakers. police found the shoebox they came in in his trash, got a search warrant and found he'd been busy. >> there are four burglaries he's been charged with in the greater wheaton area from about january 19th through february 12th. >> reporter: at his home they found all the items reported
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stolen and more from an ipad to an apple laptop, to jewelry including a wedding band, brass ring, breast cancer pendant to a deceased homeowner's belt buckle. he admitted it all. >> make sure one of the last things you do at night is leave the lights on outside and make sure all your doors and windows are locked. >> reporter: montgomery county police say if you live in wheaton and you remember something strange happening thinking someone was in your home and if you're missing valuables, definitely give them a call. live in wheat only -- wheaton, debra alfarone, wusa9. two men are behind bars accused of shooting another man to death during an alleged pot deal. damien lee and dellton brown were arrested. it's believed the two men arranged to meet the victim wi
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woo january 2nd in the bel pre area to buy 3 1/2 pounds of marijuana. during the meeting woo was shot and killed and investigators say the suspects divided up the drugs. a significant problem tonight for about 800,000 users. the obama administration says those users received the wrong tax from the government, so now they're being asked to delay filing their 2014 returns, plus is error could affect the size of the returns. president obama has been calling this year's enrollment a success with more than 11 million people signing up. we're just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00, immigration showdown. i talked to face the nation hope bob schieffer about new developments in this hot button issue. >> and drivers across the area breaking down in record numbers coming up at 5:30. >> plus top is back with who are on what we can expect --
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life on maryland smith island is tough any time of year, but it's even harder when the chesapeake bay is covered in ice. sky9 was over the bay island today as the dnr's icebreaker opened the channel to the island. tomorrow the ship will head south to virginia's tanger island to free the 700 frozen residents there. the view from sky9 shows just how much ice is covering the chesapeake right now. considering the depth of the bay and the fact it's not freshwater, that's some impressive ice cover. you got to travel pretty far to escape the cold weather.
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just about every state east of the mississippi is dealing with this brutal cold. the temperature dipped to 2 eedegrs today in new york city, which is a record low for this date. this picture has been trending all day on facebook posted by a tv station in greenville, north carolina. as you can see, definitely looks like an ice imprint left behind from a jeep. the ice is attached to the curb. it was left behind after that truck backed out. >> that's some kind of cold. >> that's cold. >> leaving a mark. >> literally. let's have some silver linings. it will be saturday, plenty of advanced notice. >> so we're not working. >> the bad news is we're looking at significant snow before the changeover to sleet and freezing rain. a little icing is possible north and west as town, maybe as much as .1 to .2-inch of ice. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and
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son weather cam, 21 degrees the high so far. the dew point is the lowest i think i've seen it at national, minus 11. that is crazy, winds calm, humidity only 24%. that is a dry dry air mass. we'll start with clear stays tonight. temps will fall quickly before they level off as clouds come in by morning. snow level forecast 1 to 3 inches i-95 corridor south and east. 3 to 6 north of the spur from montgomery can., frederick, back into loudoun county and fauquier county. the bull's eye will be in the mountains and along the i-81 corridor, 4 to 8 inches possible there. there will be areas northwest of charlottesville with probably 8 plus inches. temperatures, check this out, mainly in the teens. this is with full sun today, 16 gaithersburg, 19 in frederick, leesburg, 201 in manassas, 19 in culpeper -- 21 in manassas, 19 in culpeper. quiet and cold tonight.
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the record low at dulles is 7 and i am going 6 to 16, record is possible. snow starts tomorrow between 9 a.m. to noon southwest to northeast, snow to a mix about 4 to 5 p.m. it will start its transition later north and west of town. freezing rain to rain is between 8 p.m. to midnight when it starts to transition a little bit later north and west of town. i'm still a little bit concerned folks up into frederick, hagerstown and maybe martinsburg not really making it above freezing until after the precipitation shuts off. futurecast 8:00 in the morning, you can do some early errands, temps in the teens. clouds come in quickly. by 10:00 we have snow back towards culpeper and winchester. the snow races in here by noon. notice the darker bands, the blue. i think we'll see heavier snow with this storm than the monday night storm. 1:30 still good snow across all of the metro area.
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by 1:30, see the pink? that is a mix. we'll see the mixture work its way northward. it's not a pure snow. by 6:00 now we have sleet and freezing rain across most of the metro area but still only 31 in frederick, only 28 in hagerstown. by 8:00 essentially rain. now 32, 32, 32, d.c., manassas and andrews, but the ground is so cold it can still collect on the ground and the roads. please, if you can, stay off the roads tomorrow afternoon. by 9:30 we're still only 32 in frederick, so some icing possible there and 32 in hagerstown. by the time we get into the 11:30 hour mainly hour, but temps are not much over 32 degrees. everything clears out quickly by sunday morning. so tonight clear early, increasing clouds by dawn, not as cold. who would think we'd be saying not as cold lows 6 to 16? on the day planner here we go.
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15 at 7:00, 19 at 9:00, 25 at 11:00, a little snow breaking out, more moderate snow by 1:00, upper 20s. yellow alert tomorrow, snow to a mix. morning showers sunday, keep it a yellow alert for now, 44 and back in the deep freeze monday, only 208 for a high. next seven days -- 28 for a high. next seven days, monday and tuesday quiet, maybe a flurry wednesday night and then cold. earlier this week a federal judge in texas ruled that president obama acted illegally when he tried to deport millions of illegal immigrants. the governor of texas tried to secure the border in texas. bob schieffer of face the nation joins us now. you're going to be speaking with governor abbott about immigration and border security
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this weekend. >> yeah. if he with get here after listening to -- can get here after listening to topper just now, jan. i think i'm going to stay home. yeah, we are going to have the governor of texas, greg abbott, first time he's ever been on face the nation. well, he just took office last month. so i'm anxious to talk to him about this because this is a very hot topic in texas. i want to get his thoughts on that, might also talk a little politics with him. i wonder if he'd answer this question if i ask him. who do you think is going to finish third in the republican primary in texas because you've got rick perry, the former governor. i guess he's going to run. you've got tell cruz, the senator down there chomping at the bit to run and also i'm sure you're going to have jeb bush on the ballot. so it's going to be some pretty hot politics to talk to him about as well as this
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immigration thing. we're also going to have jeh johnson, the secretary of homeland security. we want his thoughts on all of that, of course. he's the one charged with carrying out so much of that. we also want to talk to him about terrorism and this summit they just had here in washington at the white house. >> very quickly, bob, i want to ask you because we also learned that the white house did not think to invite the fbi director to that event, the nation's top official responsible for preventing terrorist attacks. why not? >> i wish i knew the answer to that and i somehow missed that along the way. when i picked up the paper this morning and saw that, i thought how can that be? but i'm told that there was stop some -- some reason for it. maybe i'll ask on face the nation. >> thank you so much, bob. we'll be watching you sunday.
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>> thank you. coming up why you may see the impact of the west coast port strike the next time you go shopping here and why it's going to cost used car buyers a bit more to slip into a discount vehicle. >> can you guess what breed this dog
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in tonight's consumer alert the dow and the s&p close at record highs after a deal to prop up greece. the dow gain15ed 4 points and the nasdaq was up 31. $14,000 a day, that's how much auto equipment company takata will be fined for refusing to cooperate with the u.s. government investigation into the faulty air bags. already at least five deaths have been linked to the bags and transportation secretary anthony fox calls takata a bad actor in the safety universe. retailers are starting to feel the impact of that west coast port strike. honda says it cut production at two u.s. factories waiting for parts from japan. jeanmaker levi-strauss says a normal four-day delay has stretched to two weeks and home furnishings to wal-mart, j.c. penney and even bed, bath
5:25 pm
beyond have been held up as this labor dispute drags on. a flourishing certified preowned car market has pushed the price of a used vehicle to an all time high. says the average price for the off lease offerings is nearly $17,000. for bargain hunters that's a jump. $900 from 2013. -- jump of $900 from 2013. is there a car in apple's future? bloomberg reports the tech giant might be moving to an i car. the company has reportedly been working on an electric vehicle and the goal is to start production by 2020. it is amazing dog week and time to guess our mutt in the morning. we showed you bella at 4:30 who calls arlington home. can you guess what breed makes up bella? is a rottweiler golden retriever mix and so cute. how about our 5 a.m. mutt in the morning?
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emma. her owner says she acts like a border collie, but she's actually bulldog, basset hound, poodle and golden retriever and now for the blue eyed wonder brook from springfield. she's a rote, american staffordshire terrier with a mix and more than likely some husky, too, which could explain those beautiful blue eyes. take a look at biscuit. for two years he was on the run in the franconia area. people set out food, trams, search parties to try to get -- traps, search parties to try to get him, but biscuit was able to dodge everyone. one fairfax county police officer made it her mission to get her shih tzu and tonight at 11:00 we catch up with them. >> biscuit is pretty cute. two young girls have disappeared and coming up why investigator fear they may have
5:27 pm
joined isis. >> plus doctors think they know the cause of that deadly superbug infection. >> reporter: drivers calling
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right now at 5:30 it is the five yet and the cold before tomorrow's -- quiet and the cold before tomorrow's winter storm. hope you are staying warm tonight. i'm lesli foster.
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>> and i'm jan jeffcoat. let's get right to topper shutt with more on tomorrow's storm. >> i have some new information into the weather office. some of the information has this 4 to 8 band at luray and romney and winchester, i may have to bring that over to the east and have frederick and layingtown included. it looks like it could possibly end up being most of the precipitation as snow in frederick up i-70 towards hagerstown. as of now 1 to 3 inches i-95 corridor points south, 3 to 6 north of the spur in montgomery county into fairfax and loudoun county and prince william county. not a pure snow, though. that means snow will break out and continue between about 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., longer to the north and west. sleet and freezing rain then 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. but longer north and west. roads will be a mess between noon and midnight. every little flake will count. a general 1 to 6 inches possible, more in the mountains and some icing perhaps .2-inch of icing on top of the snow north and west of town.
5:31 pm
we'll come back, talk more about the snow bands in a bit. >> 29 days till spring. who's counting? >> i feel like a warm day cuddled up with a book. that's tomorrow. drivers have been dealing with dead batteries all week because of this cold. >> in record low temperatures the demand for new batteries has skyrocketed. if -- surae chinn is in suitland where aaa tried to keep up with all the service calls. >> reporter: some stranded drivers had to wait three, four, five hours and in one case even longer. >> battery seemed to be gone, be down. >> reporter: johnny allen's car couldn't take the cold any longer. >> it took all the juice out of it. i called them 8:00 this morning. >> reporter: that's six hours ago. >> that's right. >> reporter: crews are backlogged with people having car problems all across the
5:32 pm
region. moses poe of hyattsville headed out the door to take his son to school this morning. what was frozen? >> daddy's car. >> i was supposed to be at work a 10 a.m. and still waiting, been waiting i guess on every three hours for aaa because they've been a historic week for them. >> reporter: his battery is fine, but it needed extra juice for a hard start. >> yes, finally. it's about time. i waited for this moment. thank you. thank you. glad we got it started. >> get you started up and let it run for like maybe 10 minutes. >> reporter: it turns out she may have a bigger problem. >> is it the battery? >> no. >> it's not? >> your fuel lines are broken. >> reporter: mechanics will check for a frozen fuel line and wait for her jaguar to get towed from her cheverly home. then a sight for sore eyes back
5:33 pm
in suitland. aaa is finally getting to johnny's car. >> it's crazy, a lot of calls, so we're pretty busy. >> reporter: they charged his battery, but it may not last through another cold night. >> i need a battery, so i'll have to get one at the end of the month when i get paid. >> reporter: we hope the best for johnny. these game guys are working non- - guys are working nonstop servicing cars. they're mainly finding problems with batteries three years old or older. park your car in a garage or carport if you usc one or throw a tarp over it because the temperatures -- if you have one or throw a tarp over it because the temperatures are so cold the next couple days. no amount of money can bring back glenda marisol cookery hero, but -- coca- romero, but $20,000 in reward
5:34 pm
money may help. tomorrow marks one year that she was shot to death as three men opened fire inside the small grocery store where she worked. the men left without taking anything but her life. surveillance video captured three school girls in london's gas wick airport sunday night. a number of judge british women are traveling to syria to be so- called jihadi brides to isis fighters. >> they travel without the knowledge of their families. we've had full cooperation from all three families who are very worried about these three girls. >> scotland yard says the girls, all straight a students, flew on a turkish airline flight and could still be in turkey. detectives are usual social media to try and encourage them not to enter syria. a campaign to take back iraq's second largest city from isis fighters may not go off as planned. 10,000 iraqi soldiers trained
5:35 pm
by the u.s. and its coalition apparently were supposed to lead the charge into mosul this spring, but senior iraqi officials tell cbs news they are massively outgunned by the islamic extremists and they need more training and equipment before launching an offensive. in today's health alert doctors believe a medical device most commonly used for procedures on gallbladders and the pancreas is behind the so- called superbug outbreak. >> reporter: the fda is reviewing procedures for cleaning and sterilizing a medical device linked to the outbreak of a superbug. an advisory from the agency says some parts of the scopes may be extremely difficult to access and effective cleaning of all areas of the duodenoscope may not be possible. critics say the fda didn't do its job. >> they should have made sure there were sterilization procedures that were fully effective before approving it. >> reporter: dr. diana zuckerman with the national
5:36 pm
center for health research says the problem extends beyond this one scope. >> medical devices are not studied as carefully and so in a lot of cases the fda is not doing its job and the doctors don't even realize how unsafe these products can be. >> reporter: the scopes are used more than a half million times a year in the u.s. for a procedure called ercp to diagnose and treat pancreatic cancer and other conditions. the f says there is no al determine -- the fda says there is no alternative device for the procedure and the benefits outweigh the risk of using the scope. at least seven patient were infected with the drug resistant bacteria called cre. two died and an 18-year-old student is gravely ill. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> more than 170 others may have been exposed to the superbug at ucla and are being tested. the hospital has changed its sterilization procedures for the scopes. trending now who is favored
5:37 pm
to win at this sunday's oscar awards? >> plus why some music fans want to
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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast. someone did a half-fast job posting our vacation pics. when i post my slow jams, i'm a little half fast
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totally half fast stop living with half fast internet. only verizon fios comes with speedmatch - uploads as fast as downloads. and the fastest wi-fi available from any provider. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v wusa9 news is sponsored in part by your local toyota dealers. we're taking a look at some stories trending now and we
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start with the academy awards. have you stocked up on popcorn and chocolate? >> ice too. big show sunday evening. >> they like birdman along with alejandro. >> the big show is sunday night and crews have rolled out the red carpets and put up the bleachers where hundreds of lucky fans hope to catch a glimpse of their stars. predictions? one says who needs predictions when you have cold calculating math. this student has developed an algorithm he says is 79% accurate. we'll find if his math is right this sunday night. someone is expected to pay as plump as $9,000 for a non-- as much as $9,000 for a nonworking credit card. >> that credit card belonged to the late nirvana front man
5:41 pm
kurt cobain. frank sinatra's driver's license and other music memorabilia is up for grabs, too. this might be the cutest video you see all day. two red pandas playing in the snow at the cincinnati zoo, the video posted to the zoo's facebook page last night. it's been shared more than 15,000 time already. >> they are cute. they're probably the only ones out there who actually enjoy being in the snow, at least there. coming up a young girl from frederick, maryland, accomplishes a major feat, but wait until you hear what she had to overcome to do that. dave owens brings us the story. >> reporter: a wide range of goods right at your door in as little as an hour and all it takes is an app. i'm danielle nottingham in san francisco on the rise of on demand delivery. >> plus topper is back right after the break with details on
5:42 pm
when tomorrow's snow will start rolling in and how much we can expect. >> as we head into break, we asked people on the street how they were staying warm during today's frigid temperatures. >> reporter: are you warm? >> no, i'm not warm. i'm ready for summer. i want to get into the metr
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we thought our cable internet was fast. but, our uploads are half the speed of our downloads so our internet is really half-fast. so half-fast.
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this is a yellow alert day. now here's wusa9 first alert weather. >> got a comment on facebook are you bringing out the bread- o-meter? well, i'm thinking about it. normally i reserve it for a pure snow event, but maybe at 11:00. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, down to 21, the high so far. the dew point is crazy low, a very dry air mass. with clear skies initially tonight and calm winds temps will tank. don't think we'll see many records. here's our snowfall forecast, 1 to 3 inches d.c. south and east, 3 to 6 inches north and west. then the bull's eye will be toward cumberland, romney and petersburg and luray and along the i-81 corridor. that said i may extend and bring this 4 to 8-inch band to the south and east and include places like frederick and layingtown and winchester. it looks like the cold air may hang on long enough to give you
5:46 pm
about 80% snow. temperatures 19 in frederick, 21 in leesburg, manassas and 17 in charles county in la plata. headlines, cold and quiet tonight, don't think we'll see any records. snow starts tomorrow between 9 a.m. and noon and starts southwest to northeast. starts in culpeper first, then d.c. and baltimore. snow to a mix between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. that will be the transition hour. it will hang on longer north and west of town. that mean more snow for you folks. freezing rain to rain between 8 p.m. and midnight but again a little bit later north and west of town. we're kind of concerned about a little icing north and west of town. futurecast 8:00 tomorrow morning clouds rolling in, temps in the teens. by 10:00 snow breaks out to the west, culpeper and along i-81. it just really races in here by noon, moderate snow across up and down the i-95 corridor and points to the west, temperatures in the 20s. so we're still looking at snow. don't get too fixated on the
5:47 pm
surface temperatures. the reason why it's going to change to sleet and freezing rain is we're losing the cold air. pretty good snow across the metro area. by 3:30 we're still looking at snow la plata northward, but here comes the changeover. the magenta is a mixture that will work its way northward late afternoon and early evening hours, temps 28 in gaithersburg, 31 in leesburg. by 8:00 we have rain. green is rain. this is still the mixture in magenta. temperatures are still right around 32. even if the surface temperatures rise, the ground and road temperatures are still below freezing. that will continue the icing at the surface. day planner, no worries in the morning, 15 at 7:00, 19 at 9:00, snow at 11:00, big time snow by 1:00, about 29. next three days yellow alert tomorrow, snow to a mix, yellow alert sunday, at least some morning showers. the afternoon looks nice, temps in the 40s, back to the freezer
5:48 pm
monday, only 28 for a high. next seven days cold air but not too much storminess, maybe flurries wednesday. that's about it, very cold next thursday and friday. still no answers after an investigation into water in d.c.'s shaw neighborhood that smell like petroleum. the foul smell led officials to issue a do not drink the water order for several days. the man accused of gunning down u.s. navy sniper chris kyle and another man has been faking schizophrenia according to a psychologist who testified in court today. the doctor claims eddie ray routh knew what he was doing and he knew it was wrong but did it anyway. washington d.c. is no. 1 on a list of steps with the highest rate of overdue car loans. part of the reason, as we explained yesterday, is an increase in subprime auto loans. tech companies want to save you the hassle of making a trip
5:49 pm
to the grocery store. it's part of a new wave of delivery services that promises to instant gratification and as danielle nottingham explain from san francisco, all you need is a smart tomorrow. >> reporter: shea england does it all. >> so i shop. i dr.. i bag the groceries. -- i deliver. i bag groceries. >> reporter: she's on 4,000 personal shoppers for instacreator. it works a lot lure -- instacart. it works a lot . >> it's a massive convenience. we're having a baby this spring. >> reporter: instacarts is going head to head with a victim to -- head to head with same day delivery services tech giants like amazon and google. instacart sales skyrocketed
5:50 pm
from $1 million in 2012 to 100 million in 2014. industry analysts say uber's success has sparked the growth of on demand mobile services and like uber instacart shoppers are independent contractors. england works part time and gets paid per order or a percentage of the bill. >> i set my own schedule weekly and it's very flexible. >> reporter: the first delivery is free. after that the delivery fee starts at 3.99, but sage bierman likes the time she saves in her busy schedule. >> instacart and google express are both available in washington d.c. and other select cities across the country. now wusa9 game on sports with dave owens brought to you by xfinity. >> reporter: welcome to the verizon center, everybody. we are talking basketball here
5:51 pm
tonight. it's a big game and let's hope the wizards can spin their way to a victory. how about that. we'll talk about the big game in a second, but first our weekly high school profile. it takes us to frederick, maryland. a young lady who has broken the state scoring record, but wait until you hear her back story. diane roberts with that. it were tessa lewis loves the competition of basketball. as captain she's the heart of the team. her orioles huddle is like most and then it's not. tessa plays for the maryland school for the deaf in frederick. >> i think because i'm deaf it doesn't really make any difference. basketball is the sport i play. >> reporter: and she plays it so well she broke a 63-year-old maryland state record. [ cheering and applause ]
5:52 pm
>> i was so nervous before the game, but when i started playing, i calmed down and i let go of that nervousness and before i knew it i had broken the record and the whole gym just erupted in a bunch of laughter and celebration. >> reporter: tessa owns the state's high school scoring record for girls and boys breaking 1 held by don leach since 1952. his family and tessa's were on hand as she surpassed 1,502 points. >> i was so excited that she got the record and that we could celebrate together and it was something very special. >> reporter: she needed just six points entering the game against the mercer birds and got them. her coach said tessa set her sights on record as a freshman, made the varsity squad and reached that goal. >> so tessa is a really good example for all of us and for the team and what determination and passion and hard work really is. i want everybody to see that a
5:53 pm
girl can accomplish and break boys' records. >> reporter: but tessa doesn't want anyone to break hers, not even her cousin who is just a sophomore. scoring skills must run in the family. the coach says tessa's cousin carita just might be the next one to break that scoring record. at the maryland school for the deaf in frederick, diane roberts, wusa9 sports. >> reporter: yeah, guys, she'sen just a one trick pony. -- she's not just a one trick pony. she's also the state steals leader with 544. it's a big night of basketball, that story and also the wizards and the cavs right here. can the wizard spin their way to victory? hope they do better than me. we'll talk to you at 6:20. dave owens, wusa9 sports. >> impressive, dave. coming up at 6:00 big break in the naacp bombing case out
5:54 pm
west. >> reporter: it is the 50th anniversary of malcomb x's assassination. i'm standing inside the very auditorium where he was killed. coming up
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
my tempur-pedic made me fall in love with mornings again. i love how it conforms to my body. with tempur-pedic the whole bed is comfortable. it's the best thing we ever did for ourselves. it's helping to keep us young. (vo) visit your local retailer and feel the tempur-pedic difference for yourself. tomorrow marks the 50th vest of the assassination of -- 50th anniversary of the -- situation of malcomb x. >> don champion went to where he was gunned down and talked to his daughter about his
5:57 pm
legacy. >> the revolution we need is a revolution of the mind. >> reporter: reading her father's words, malik shabazz says malcomb x is still misunderstood 50 years after his assassination. >> he was a humanitarian. >> we have not yet achieved freedom from our slave master. >> reporter: as a member of the nation of islam, malcomb x advocate black power and rejected immigration during the fight for civil rights. shortly after he brock off from the group and turn -- broke off from the group and turned his back on what it stood for, members of the nation of islam gunned him down in the audubon ballroom in 1965. wood from the stage he was standing on marks the spot. >> he was standing here. even if he did survive, he could never speak again right there. >> reporter: part of the audubon ballroom is now a memorial and educational center named after malcomb x and his late wife dr. betty shabazz who fought to save the building. executive director brian epps
5:58 pm
says much of malcomb x's legacy is still relevant today. >> it speaks to malcomb's power and it's also sad we're still dealing with these issues 50 years later. >> reporter: malik shabazz is trying to preserve her parents' legacy. >> how do we make our ethnic children confident enough so that they can continue to pursue to the top? >> reporter: she says it's all about educating them about their history. don champion, cbs news, new york. >> malik was the youngest of the six daughters. betty was pregnant with her and her twin sister when malcomb x was killed. he would have been 90 this may. thanks for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news 6:00 starts right now. >> we're tracking snow and a fair amount of it saturday, but it's not a pure snow. we'll let you know when it turns to sleet and freezing rain. >> reporter: we have just beaten a record cold set back
5:59 pm
when grover cleveland was in his second term in the white house. i'm bruce leshan, dangerous cold, a look coming up. >> reporter: police say he robbed his neighbors in wheaton and sexually assaulted a young girl and they also say it was the way he got caught you'll have to hear to believe. freezing temperatures tonight with snow and ice on the way for the weekend. at least you made it to friday. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm lesli foster. >> but will we make it to saturday? i'm derek mcginty. top knows the snow and the ice will hits us hard tomorrow. >> i think it's going to snow harder tomorrow than monday night's storm. snowfall map, 1 to 3 inches i- 95 points south and east, 3 to 6 inches fredericksburg, leesburg, silver spring and the bull's eye for this storm is out to the west, cumberland, romney, luray, petersburg, especially along the i-81 corridor, 4 to 8 inches possible there. i may run this band right through frederick, winchester, back up into hagerstown.
6:00 pm
couple comments on the facebook, why are you going 1 to 8 inches? unfortunately we cover such a wide area, you folks in southern maryland only get 1 to 3-inch, but you folks in cumberland will get -- 1 to 3 inches, but you folks in cumberland will get 4 to 8 inches. snow 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. hangs on longer north and west, thus the higher amounts. sleet and freezing rain 4 to 10 p.m., but a little longer north and west of town. roads will be a mess between noon and midnight. if you can get off the roads do, that. if you have plans tomorrow night you can move to tonight, i would do that. a general 1 to 6-inch band with icing north and west of town. here's futurecast. 9:00 just clouds. by noon tomorrow it's going to be snowing about everywhere in the metro area with temps in


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